Voices + Experiences

“I have seen my fair share of ‘innovations’…however, I can honestly say that I have never felt as optimistic about the future as I do now.”

“I feel empowered…I am grateful to Angie for providing the space, support and structure that allows educators, community members and scholars to connect and create positive and effective change in our small and large worlds.”

“Innovation is at the forefront of this experience…but the spirit of collegiality of the community has supported me to keep going.”

“This has been a unique opportunity to look at challenges with a new and positive lens…the time, space and coaching has been instrumental in helping to build our team’s skill sets as collaborators and designers.”

“One year into its existence, it is influencing the culture of our school district. At the same time that we seek to institutionalize equity, rigor, and joyful learning, the dLab provides strategies for avoiding rigidity and stagnation. Just as we want our students to become lifelong learners, our organization is learning what it means to be learning.”

“So, now we’re all in this together. We keep taking on our design challenges and shifting our roles and culture. We’re turning to each other to bravely face and reframe our problems and play with the possibilities in a ‘space’ that’s bigger than we ever imagined.”